Social marketing

We help you understand your audience, and create social marketing initiatives that lead to positive behaviour change on social issues.

Creating campaigns that influence people and create behaviour change requires a deep understanding of what makes humans tick.

SenateSHJ's social marketing campaigns use commercial marketing tools and processes to create positive behaviour change on a social issue. 

Years of experience in driving diverse behavioural change - from obesity, preventing family violence (the It’s Not OK campaign), alcohol moderation, retirement savings, biosecurity, road safety, water safety, injury prevention, sexual health and mental health (Like Minds, Like Mine) – have given SenateSHJ an understanding of what it takes to genuinely reach audiences and create measurable results. 

We have also worked with clients to connect with social change movements. We know this is a powerful way to encourage individual behavioural change.

Through partnerships with our broad range of government and public sector clients, and research, design and advertising partners, we have helped create social marketing initiatives that influence behaviour for social good across New Zealand and Australia. SenateSHJ’s external independence is a key advantage. 

We have worked with many organisations and on many projects, without having complete ownership of, or a vested interest in, any.  We participate actively in global social marketing networks, and take a leadership role in Australasian social marketing practice development. This means our perspectives are global, fresh, insightful and contemporary.

SenateSHJ’s social marketing services

Project planning: SenateSHJ helps to create a sound strategic base or logic intervention for social marketing strategies, to ensure resources are being applied to the right problem and the best solutions are identified. SenateSHJ can design and facilitate planning workshops, draft or review strategies, and peer review strategies and plans.

Research development and analysis:  We work alongside organisations to help them identify their formative and evaluative research needs, select research advisors, develop research project briefs and provide input to questionnaires to ensure best possible results, and analyse research results.

Risk and issues identification and management: SenateSHJ works with clients to identify social, reputational, financial, and political risks and issues relating to social marketing plans, and puts in place management and mitigation strategies.

Implementation: Our team is experienced in all aspects of social marketing strategy implementation – from news media engagement and social media implementation, to stakeholder relations, event management, collateral development and website content.

Review: SenateSHJ has developed an assessment framework which allows us to investigate and review social marketing strategies from a process and structural perspective. This framework identifies strengths, and areas for development.  

Professional development and training: SenateSHJ provides mentoring and training services, working with client teams to build their understanding of social marketing principles and increase organisational capability.

Please click on the attachment below to download a PDF copy of SenateSHJ's social marketing framework. This outlines and explains what we believe are the 12 attributes of a successful social marketing campaign.

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