Media relations

What people think about you or your organisation is influenced by what is said about you in the news. Building productive media relations is central to maintaining and protecting your corporate reputation.

Media relations are part of our everyday service, and working with the media is second nature to many in our team who are former journalists themselves.

We know that good relationships with the media are built upon trust, accuracy and respect – and the most effective media relations will see those values borne out by both parties.

Even as the world of the journalist evolves - as news goes online, newsrooms downsize and the citizen journalist gains influence through social media - these principals of good media relations remain constant. Maintaining good relationships with media, and understanding their changing pressures, is as important as it has ever been.

SenateSHJ has a proven approach to achieve outstanding media results for our clients. We know our media relations strategies work because media seek out our clients for comment, and journalists and producers are open to our story ideas.

  • Relationships. Forging strong relationships with key media contacts enables us to get to the people who can tell the story.
  • Research. We get to know our clients, the issues they face and the stakeholders they need to connect with. We research the media – the journalists, the issues and the coverage – ensuring we keep clients, and ourselves, informed.
  • Responsiveness. We work quickly and carefully to meet media needs, or manage their expectations, in accordance with our clients' communication and business objectives.
  • Resources. We make full use of all the resources available to us and we are meticulous about keeping them up to date, from backgrounders to fact sheets and media contact lists. These are the tools of our trade.
  • Routine. We partner with clients to create ‘bulletproof’ media protocols and communicate them to all internal stakeholders, while educating media about where to direct their questions.
  • Readiness. We provide comprehensive media relations and message training, just-in-time preparation sessions and advice for spokespeople to ensure they are ready to take control of media interviews.

We also offer tailored media training to help spokespeople familiarise themselves with the media, learn how to respond to media enquiries and get their key messages accurately presented in the public eye.

Media monitoring and analysis

In addition to media relations, we can monitor traditional and social media for our clients to help identify issues and opportunities. And we regularly conduct media audits for clients to review past media coverage, and measure performance and success.

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