Issues management

SenateSHJ has provided strategic issues management advice and media assistance to clients on many contentious issues, bringing empathy and a no-nonsense approach.

Our issues management work has supported clients dealing with a wide range of issues, from product recalls or organisational restructures, personnel performance issues and judicial reviews, through to community concerns such as family violence and genetically modified crops.

Central to our crisis and issues management practice is an understanding that an organisation’s reputation is one of its most important assets. Reputation, in this context, is what others think about you – and during times of crisis, perception is everything.

These principles of issues management have never been more important than they are today, when reputations are at the mercy of social media. Online attacks are swift, and can be highly damaging.

Yet research conducted jointly by SenateSHJ and the New Zealand Institute of Directors shows that many organisations have not adapted to this new environment. While they acknowledge their reputations are a core asset, they have put its management into the ‘too hard basket’.

We understand that reputations need tending every day – during times of relative calm as well as in a crisis. Organisations that have a strong sense of self, and a strong ‘voice’, which staff at all levels understand and value, will be much better equipped to respond when under fire.

Our approach to crisis and issues management is to first work closely with our clients to identify areas of risk – ideally, before a crisis occurs. We develop plans and processes to mitigate these risks, or minimise reputational damage should the worst occur. We also run workshops for clients, using realistic scenarios, to practice what they will do during a crisis.

We help our clients keep an eye on the ‘big picture’ – their positioning, their reputation and the wider political and economic landscape in which they operate.

We know that your corporate reputation is one of your most valuable assets. It deserves your attention.

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