Change Communication

We can ensure your change communication program leads to success because we know how organisational and human change works.

Well-managed internal change is often the precursor to success. But the reality of change can only be measured by the experience of those who are going through it: how they respond, through both emotion and reason, will underpin whether the change will be successful and sustainable.              

Well-considered change communication strategies, which include meaningful consultation and engagement with those affected, is vital. Creating a shared vision and compelling story for the change will help enlist employee support, and ensure the change is sustainable.

We use internal communication channels to help staff understand the scope and reasons for the change, and the process for implementation – including how they will be involved and supported along the way.

Our change communication practice uses the Four Rooms of Change® methodology, which helps people experiencing change to be aware of their emotions and responses and to support each other through the change journey.

At the end of the day, it is people who have to change, to adopt new business processes and objectives, to create new relationships within and outside the organisation, and in many cases to adopt a new ‘world view’.

So many change initiatives fail simply because those driving the change fail to acknowledge this.

Organisations that put in the effort to plan change rationally must also put in the effort to understand and respond to the non-rational elements at play. This is the secret of change success.

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