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3 December 2015

Time and again we see the PR problems created by an information vacuum, as with the recent detainee issue in Australia and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Both cases illustrate what happens when those in charge fail to shape the narrative, and tell the story clearly and concisely having regard to how the issue could be perceived by onlookers.

2 December 2015

The great thing about human nature, says SenateSHJ partner Robert Mannion, is that you can never quite pin it down.

30 November 2015

AUT student, part-time skateboarder and qualified barista Tessa Donovan has been named the SenateSHJ Prize Intern for 2015.

The SenateSHJ Prize, now in its twelfth year, awards the best projects by communications and public relations students at Unitec, Victoria University, AUT and Massey University. 

20 November 2015

Through her membership of the Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network, SenateSHJ Client Director Marg Joiner has been selected to take part in the Track II dialogue today between New Zealand and Seoul-based think tank The Asan Institute for Policy Studies.


12 November 2015

When Tony Blair and Gordon Brown ushered in the era of New Labour nearly 20 years ago, the UK bought into the promise of a new type of politics. Less adversarial, closer to the people – it sounded good and even the media cheered them on, bored and fed up with a discredited Tory Party.

11 November 2015

Change is constant and often invisible… except on some days

Last week Melbourne saw the running of a horse race – a four minute moment with its own public holiday. It’s a legend-making event, a nation-stopper. And this year, it was also a moment in time – a snapshot of some of the big social movements happening around us, all colliding together on one day.

30 October 2015

Si tu id aeficas, ei venient. Ager somnia* 

As Andrew Little approaches his first anniversary as Labour leader next month, Cognito looks at the road ahead for the former union boss.


28 October 2015

SenateSHJ's Independent Partner, and in situ impartial observer of British politics and media, Peter Hehir, discusses how personal stories will connect with the public in a way debates over deficits never will.

Statistics and detail just don’t hack it when you are trying to convince the public of an argument. No, we professionals will tell you, you need to tell a story, one that the man in the street gets.


23 October 2015

The spectacular fall from grace of Volkswagen wiped a quarter of the value off the company’s market capitalisation and could end up costing it as much as €35 billion in fines and remediation costs. Indeed, many are speculating it could even result in the company closing its doors and that it is more significant to the German economy than a potential “Grexit”.

19 October 2015

“No one great genius can lead a city ... Instead citizens need to lead, and my job is to get their ideas into the system.” - Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul